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Visualisation of learning paths

This intellectual output proposes developing a visualisation of learning paths; a digital dimension to show the learner which activities / learning units have already been passed and which still need to be completed to achieve learning target.

Being able to visualise the different components that build up to skills and competences, that together can form the basis of a badge, certificate or a degree helps the learner to understand the required learning to achieve their goals. In a digital format, the visual representation of the learning path(s) can be adjusted for each individual, based on their goals and status, to show their progress made and skills still needed to learn and activities to take at any point in time. This helps the learner to understand the importance and relation of each learning activity both in the context of acquiring single skills and competences, and as a part of the ‘big picture’ of their personal learning path.

Technical outcomes:
Skills are displayed in a bar-chart type visual matrix, each column representing a skill, and row a skill level and activities related to it. These 'cells' can be visualised with images showing the outcome of the activity, or the activity process.
Learning paths can be displayed as a directed network diagram, creating a visual path from starting point to the goal, which is reached when all of the required steps (learning units or activities) have been completed.
Outputs of IO1 in all partner languages will be:

  • Visualisation views for Learning Paths, implemented in IO4
  • Induction Handbook for Teacher
  • Induction Handbook for Student
  • Results analysis of the piloting of Visual paths

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