Skills On Display

An introduction to the VISUAL PATHS concept with learning cards and the visualization of learning paths. You can view and download our student and teacher induction handbooks here.

This intellectual output describes the emerging need for a change in education and how the tool made in the frame of Erasmus+ project Visual Paths can make a change. Output "Skills on Display" describes the role of education throughout life, the development of professional competencies, and their role in future career development. It has a part for the current situation in vocational education, emerging necessities for the education system, it describes the need for change and the education adjustment for the digital age. 

This output consists of two handbooks - one for Lerner and one for educators. They both have the same basis, which describes the main idea of the tool and why it has to be made, how it will influence the work of teachers and how students will benefit from using it in their studies. 

Both handbooks have a part "User guide" - that is an insight into the application made as a part of this project. The teacher is introduced to how to use the app on their side, the student on their side. 

Being able to visualise the different components that build up to skills and competences, that together can form the basis of a badge, certificate or a degree helps the learner to understand the required learning to achieve their goals. In a digital format, the visual representation of the learning path(s) can be adjusted for each individual, based on their goals and status, to show their progress made and skills still needed to learn and activities to take at any point in time. This helps the learner to understand the importance and relation of each learning activity both in the context of acquiring single skills and competences, and as a part of the ‘big picture’ of their personal learning path.

 Technical outcomes
Outputs of IO1 in all partner languages will be:

  • Induction Handbook for Teacher
  • Induction Handbook for Student

Visual Paths Skills on Display - Students Handbook English

Visual Paths Skills on Display - Teachers Handbook English