Acknowledgement of Skills

A tutors guide on how to assess and validate student skills such as soft skills, aquired outside of the classroom. Available as a handbook for download.

Assessment and validation of learning and skills is part of the daily work of any educator. In
vocational education, skills are often learned also during apprenticeship or job immersion periods.
The skills acknowledgement in the online environment of visual paths refers to hard skills and soft
skills related to occupation. 
According to the European guidelines or validating of non-formal and informal learning (2015) there
is an increasing importance to make learning outside formal settings visible and value it. Visual Paths
outputs will support this by recording the learning process and enable validation of learning also
when it happens outside of classroom environment.

The Learning Environment proposed in IO1 will be expanded into a tool for recording evidence from
different assessment tools (e.g. oral/written exams, essays, presentations, videos, pictures,
observations by teacher/tutor). The recorded evidence can be used in the process of
acknowledgement of existing or gained skills and will also form an archive for the learner. This
archive can later be referenced by the learner for example in job-seeking to display scenarios of
applying specific skills.

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