O2 Codes of Conduct

Formatting established code of conduct into visual tables

This output is about formatting established code of conduct into visual tables, which can be updated and viewed in real-time. The Code of conduct utilizes points - based rewarding mechanism. In IO2 the partnership will define the common logic and use cases for creating an online version of the system, allowing different actions and events as basis of rewards and sanctions, and the user roles and possible reward or penalty awarding processes.

The Codes of Conduct will be based on strong theoretical psychological and pedagogical fundamentals such as humanistic psychology by Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow; positive psychology and pedagogy approach by Martin Seligman. The personal and relationship style refers to the two aspects of behavior: the first one relates to regulatory/normative and rule aspects while the second ones to student motivation linked to personal attitude. In order to create and consolidate an own positive and constructive personal and relationship style, students will be involved in an educative path.

The system foresees a tool that is similar to the “Penalty driving license points” which will measure the Personal and Relationship style. Each student starts his/her school year with a certain amount of points and during the school year they can lose points, but also gain points through positive behavior. A school Commission is enrolled to involve students in an educative path aimed to allow them to become aware of their points and behaviors, to define strategies to improve their behaviors. “Penalty driving license points” will foresee a rewarding/penalty system. For students with low points, a system aimed at recovering points will be defined, so students can be involved in activities organized in the school center or even outside (for example it can be activities with old people or with disabled people etc.).
The IO2 aims is to provide a tool that will help trainers/tutors/coordinators/directors to create a sustainable system to become aware of the student personal and relationship styles, student behaviors and problems and in the same time lay the foundation of a positive environment for the wellbeing of all the teens. This tool will be very useful for students too in order to help them become aware of their behavior and attitude towards other people and towards their studies. This system is very innovative and after the testing among the partner consortium of the project, it can be easily adapted and transferred to other schools and VET providers interested in applying it.

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